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Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, I studied Graphic Design and Cape Technicon in 1990 and worked in packaging design for many years. I landed on the shores of the UK in 1994 and have remained ever since, finding a home in a beautiful, colourful, multi-cultural London.

Due to unforeseen circumstances I gave up full time art for many years, only dabbling here and there.

I started painting again a few years ago but also started taking photos for my cycling club. This has been my greatest joy.


My idea began as I started to take photos with the eyes of an artist… trying to find pictures that would make great paintings. My focus is portraiture, the emotions that can be captured in a single moment, telling a story, of an event, of a moment capture in someone’s life.

That intimate moment when a person goes inward to reflect, allowing me a click to try capture a piece of their soul.


This journey feels so alive and full of aspirations, my hope being that you too can share the glimpse of that moment captured.

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